Таблица уровней адаптированной английской литературы

КодСерия адаптированных книгЧисло слов
BCE1Black Cat Earlyreads Level 1100A1
BCE2Black Cat Earlyreads Level 2150A1
BCE3Black Cat Earlyreads Level 3200A1
PGR0Penguin Readers Easystarts200 
BCE4Black Cat Earlyreads Level 4250 
CERSCambridge English Readers Starter250pre-A1
OBW0Oxford Bookworm Starters250A1
ODM0Oxford Domino Starter250A1
BCE5Black Cat Earlyreads Level 5300A1
BCS1Black Cat Easyread Level 1300A2
EP1Express Publishing Level 1300A1
NR1Nuance Readers Level 1300 
ORD1Oxford Read and Discover Level 1300 
PYR1Penguin Young Readers Level 1300 
MGR1Macmillan Guided Readers Starter300A1
MNW1Macmillan New Wave Readers Level 1300 
PYR1Penguin Young Readers Level 1300 
PGR1Penguin Readers Level 1300pre-A1
PGT1Penguin Teens Readers Level 1300 
SCESScholastic Starter Level300pre-A1
CER1Cambridge English Readers Level 1400A1
OFF1Oxford BW Factfiles Stage 1400 
OPS1Oxford BW Playscripts Stage 1400 
ODM1Oxford Domino Stage 1400A1-A2
OPS1Oxford BW Playscripts Stage 1400 
OBW1Oxford Bookworm Stage 1400A1-A2
OSL1Oxford Storylines 1400 
BCS2Black Cat Easyread Level 2400A2
BCRT1Black Cat Reading & Training Step 1 A2
ORD2Oxford Read and Discover Level 2450 
LC1Longman Classics Level 1500 
MNW2Macmillan New Wave Readers Level 2600A1
MGR2Macmillan Guided Readers Beginner600A1
MGR2+Macmillan Guided Readers Beginner +600A1
ORD3Oxford Read and Discover Level 3600 
PGR2Penguin Readers Level 2600A1
SCE1Scholastic ELT Readers Level 1600A1
EP2Express Publishing Level 2700A2
PYR2Penguin Young Readers Level 2700 
OPS2Oxford BW Playscripts Stage 2700 
OBW2Oxford Bookworm Stage 2700A2
ODM2Oxford Domino Stage 2700A2-B1
OFF2Oxford BW Factfiles Stage 2700 
ORD4Oxford Read and Discover Level 4750 
OSL2Oxford Storylines 2750 
CER2Cambridge English Readers Level 2800A2
FRL1Footprint Reading Library Pre-Intermediate Group1800 
LC2Longman Classics Level 2900 
ORD5Oxford Read and Discover Level 5900 
PYR3Penguin Young Readers Level 31000 
OBW3Oxford Bookworm Stage 31000B1
BCRT2Black Cat Reading & Training Step 2 B1
BCRT3Black Cat Reading & Training Step 3 B1
ODM3Oxford Domino Stage 31000B2
OFF3Oxford BW Factfiles Stage 31000 
OSL3Oxford Storylines 31000 
SCE2Scholastic ELT Readers Level 21000A2
ORD6Oxford Read and Discover Level 61050 
HGR3Heinemann Guided Readers Elementary1100 
MNW3Macmillan New Wave Readers Level 31100A2
MGR3Macmillan Guided Readers Elementary1100A2
EP3Express Publishing Level 31200B1
PGR3Penguin Readers Level 31200A2
OSL4Oxford Storylines 41250 
CER3Cambridge English Readers Level 31300B1
LC3Longman Classics Level 31300 
PYR4Penguin Young Readers Level 41400 
OBW4Oxford Bookworm Stage 41400B1-B2
OFF4Oxford BW Factfiles Stage 41400 
MGR4Macmillan Guided Readers Pre-Intermediate1400A2-B1
SCE3Scholastic ELT Readers Level 31500B1
HGR4Heinemann Guided Readers Intermediate1600 
MGR5Macmillan Guided Readers Intermediate1600B1
MNW4Macmillan New Wave Readers Level 41600B1
PGR4Penguin Readers Level 41700B1
EP4Express Publishing Level 41800B2
OBW5Oxford Bookworm Stage 51800B2
OFF5Oxford BW Factfiles Stage 51800 
CER4Cambridge English Readers Level 41900B1
SCE4Scholastic ELT Readers Level 42000B2
MNW5Macmillan New Wave Readers Level 52200B2
MGR6Macmillan Guided Readers Upper Intermediate2200B2
PGR5Penguin Readers Level 52300B2
BCRT4Black Cat Reading & Training Step 4 B2
BCRT5Black Cat Reading & Training Step 5 B2
OBW6Oxford Bookworm Stage 62500B2-C1
CER5Cambridge English Readers Level 52800B2
PGR6Penguin Readers Level 63000C1
CER6Cambridge English Readers Level 63800C1
BCRT6Black Cat Reading & Training Step 6 C1
MGR7Macmillan Guided Readers Literature Collections
(original, unadapted short stories)